Medical Devices

- Support C

Support C –  Sirolimus-Eluting Coronary Stent System

Support C is a coronary balloon catheter coated with the drug paclitaxel.
Balloon Design
This Balloon uses an advanced hypotube design for optimal performance. The low balloon profile and distal shaft design are perfect for difficult lesions in tortuous vessels. The unique design shows high kink resistance, with advanced pushability even in a difficult situation and great torqability. The balloon material is optimized for high burst resistance even in calcified lesions. The hydrophilic coating improves the handling of the balloon and the deliverability of the drug.
Drug Design
Paclitaxel is a proven anti-proliferative agent used widely in medicine. Its cytostatic mechanism of action leaves vessels healthy and viable without destroying them. The drug is integrated into a Butyryl-tri-hexyl citrate (BTHC) polymer for optimal bioavailability by keeping the agent crystalline. Its structure degrades to citric, acid, and alcohol resulting in high biocompatibility. This combination of Paclitaxel and BTHC allows a quick absorption to the target lesion.
Coating Design
Provides homogenous and uniform release of Paclitaxel. Assures consistent vessel treatment. Perfect homogenous coating of the cylindrical and tapered section of the
balloon exceeding the proximal and the distal markers. After application paclitaxel remains in the tissue for several days.

Support C