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Closing ceremony of Otsuka Welfare Clinic

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Otsuka Welfare Clinic, Peshawar was established to provide free healthcare services to Afghan refugees and local residents of surrounding areas in July 2003. It was funded by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Company, Japan and members of the Otsuka International Asia and Arab Division as a part of Otsuka’s Commitment to Better Health Worldwide. The staff of the clinic includes three qualified doctors and others including a staff nursing and pharmacists along with Para medics, who provided in house consultancy and treatment along with handling of basic medical emergencies. Till to-date more than One Million patients visited and got free medical treatment at the clinic.
Initially, it was decided to run the clinic for five years but taking into consideration the huge number of patients were being treated at the clinic, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company, Japan and Otsuka International Asia and Arab Division first decided to continue their support to run the Otsuka Welfare Clinic up to June 2010 and then kept supporting it up till December 2017.
Otsuka is committed to provide services to humanity, as it remembers the debt it owes to the humanity. Otsuka feels itself bounded to uphold the noble ideals of sharing and caring for the suffering humanity and will keep continue performing its positive role for the welfare of humanity.  However, keeping in view the fact that now Afghan Refugees have gone back to their homeland, it has been decided to look for this humanitarian support at other grounds.
A closing ceremony of Otsuka Welfare Clinic was held on 30 December 2017 at Peshawar.  Mr. Khalid Munir, distributed cheques among the staff members on behalf of the Otsuka management. All staff members of Otsuka Welfare Clinic shared their warm feelings at the eve of long association with this clinic. Dr. Rashid of OWC and Mr. Sabir Ullah, P.R.O. very much thanked local management as well as Otsuka International for their long support to run this clinic for more than 14 years. Miss Naveeda, Pharmacy In-charge and Women Medical Officer also expressed their feelings and experiences and appreciated all time support remained available from local team of Otsuka sales team.
Otsuka Pakistan would like to extend its sincere gratitude and appreciation to all doctors and others including staff nursing and pharmacists as well as Paramedics staff of this clinic. Also feels very much grateful and offer thanks to Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company, Japan and Otsuka International Asia and Arab Division for their long support in running this clinic on humanitarian grounds in Pakistan.