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Microport Orthopedic Knee Implants Launch

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Microport Orthopedic Knee Implants Launch by Otsuka Pakistan Limited

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Microport Orthopedic Knee Implants Launch by Otsuka Pakistan Limited



Otsuka Pakistan Limited (OPL) was incorporated in February 1988 and commenced commercial production of intravenous solutions in September 1989 at its factory in Hub, Baluchistan. It commands 25% share of the local market. OPL’s current activities are mainly focused on the manufacturing of I.V. Solutions and marketing them effectively to remain in the lead both in quality and quantity. Other than its IV business OPL has Clinical Nutrition & Medical Devices business units.



Medical Devices:

The Medical Devices unit of OPL was formed in 2007 by importing and promoting cardiac  Stents Mustang, Tango, FireBird from Microport Shanghai Corporation China. Currently, OPL constitutes 12% market share of cardiac stents market. OPL expanded its medical devices division in 2016 by introducing EP products portfolio as well which includes 3D Mapping system & different types of catheters. In February 2017 the medical devices unit achieved another milestone and launched their “First CE marked Target Eluting Stent Firehawk’ in Pakistan.



Orthopedic Implants:

In September 2017 the medical devices unit took yet another initiative by entering into “Orthopedic Implants market” through the launch of Microport Orthopedic Knee Implants i.e. Evolution Medial-Pivot Knee System in Pakistan.

In this connection, a launch ceremony was held at OPL head office premises on September 26, 2017. Senior leadership and all the members of head office team attended the launch ceremony and appreciated this expansion in the medical devices division.

Speaking at this occasion CEO Mr. Hanif Sattar appreciated this initiative of the medical devices business unit and assured management’s full support for the success of this business. He further stressed that this is not the launch of a single product; rather it’s the launch of a separate company due to the rich pipeline in this segment.

Every OPL team member was very happy at this occasion and wished every success to this new business line.

In future Insha ALLAH, the Medical  Devices business unit will  further augment its  product line by launching Hip Implants and Trauma products in the near future as well.

Following are the pictures of eMP Knee system launch ceremony.